Find Out What’s On In Stockport And Explore This Place The Best Way

What's on in Stockport

Stockport is a place never fails to excite those who want to explore it. So exploring what’s on in Stockport is really worth spending your time.

What’s on in Stockport

Stockport Church

Marple Lock Flight


In the South of Stockport, there is a beautiful village called Marple. This village has a picturesque Peak Forest Canal that comprises a set of 16 locks. This canal was completed in the year 1796. There was some lack of funds due to which the completion of this tricky hillside canal section took a bit longer. Until the completion of lock flight, people used tramway till 1804.

If you will visit this breathtaking park, then it would take around 20 minutes to walk through this entire Green Flag park to its top-flight. Once you will reach the top, you can spend some good time in a small-sized visitor hour which was once a toll house. Ideally, you shall visit this place in summer as you will not have to wait for long to have a look at a narrow boat passing through in the water.

Reddish Vale Country Park


This park is situated in the Tame Valley. This 161 hectares Reddish Vale Country Park is home to greenery along with beautiful banks of a peaceful river. This place spreads tranquility as the woodland, hillside fields where horses are seen grazing, and riverside meadows captivate your imagination like never.

You will see woven paths, trails for cyclists and bridleways. Additionally, you will find an abundance of water that is good enough to attract kingfishers and sand martins. Adding glory to this, the sight of swimming herons, coots, geese and ducks adds extra love to this place.

Strawberry Studio


If anyone of you is a fan of music, then there is a must-visit place in Stockport called Strawberry Studio. This assuming construction masterpiece is located at Waterloo Road. these private offices were once famous recording studios. These studios were founded back in 1968. The member of the famous band 10cc founded this place and it was named after one of the famous songs by Beatles called Strawberry Field Forever.

Etherow Country Park


This famous park is situated on the River Etherow. This is an industrial site that encompassed a cotton mill, mine, and millpond. This was once known as the first country park in the UK. This place is still surrounded by an industrial architecture of the 19th century.

If you will visit this park on a nice summer day, then you can even watch all the nice dinghies that belong to one of the local sailing clubs. You can enjoy the site of these dinghies gliding over the nice reservoir while sipping a cup of coffee outside a cozy café right by the water.

Stockport Viaduct


This is by far the UK’s largest and oldest structure built with bricks. This structure was completed in a time span of less than two years. It was built for the Stockport and Manchester Railway. if you will know the statistics about this construction, then you are going to be surprised. 11,000,000 bricks were used in its construction and 600 workers worked in different shifts to complete this construction.

All these places are amongst the few of many other worths seeing locations in Stockport. So this list of what’s on Stockport can really help you visit the unmissable places there.