5 Amazing Things to do in Stockport

Bramall Hall stockport

If you are eager to learn more interesting things to do in Stockport then just direct yourself to the most authentic source, “What’s on in Stockport”. Here you will find out all those amazing places, activities and foods to explore which you have had never tried before.

This southeastern part of Greater Manchester is the most sought after historic market. It is also considered as the hub of this region’s textile industry. You may have heard about the flourishing fur felt hat industry in this region. You will find one and only a hat museum there.

It seems that there is much more interesting stuff associated with this place. Let’s help you explore all the happening and free things to do in Stockport.

5. Staircase House

You would not have any idea about the significance and historical importance of this place while standing in the Market Place. This is the building that holds this area’s oldest and most famous townhouse. It was built in 1460.

Staircase House

When you will visit this place, you will find out the majority of the oldest timbers still in place. The name of this building is given because of its finest features and exceptionally ornate carving on all the timbers.

The audio guide will help you explore this townhouse and you will see the real domestic lifestyle of people living in this area down the centuries. This is a fully interactive based house. You can even lift up the quilt that you will find on the bed with four-posters. And the most interesting part is getting the chance of writing with that quill of 17th-century style.

Your visit can end up with a nice cup of coffee and delicious lunch at the Blackshaw’s café which is right next to this landmark.

4. Hat Works

If you want to explore and visit the most renowned museum of hat-making, then this place is a must-visit. This charming museum found at the stirring Wellington Mill. This place is loved by fashion fans and industrial historians.

Hat Works stockport

You can visit two-floor where interactive exhibits are found. They will let you relive the era when Stockport was the only hat-making capital of the UK.

You will also find 20machines and more than 400 top quality hats, Homburgs, bowlers and trilbies from different parts of the world.

More interestingly, there is a Family Fun Zone, where your kids can have hand-on educational projects and displays.

3. Bramall Hall

This place is located in the south. Tudor manor house has been recently restored. It is built in a beautifully landscaped parkland of 70 acres.

Bramall Hall stockport

This half-timbered mansion was home to the respected Davenport family during the 14th-19th century.

This place was reopened for visitors in 2016. Visiting this place will let you explore the façade with ornate stud work, the masterful plasterwork of Elizabethan, the enigmatic and huge wall paintings from the era of the 1500s and of course grandeur Victorian kitchens.

You will find tall ancient trees and a beautifully constructed terrace that takes down to a cluster of lakes and streams.

2. Stockport Museum

This place is located in the same complex where the Staircase House is. The museum intelligently displays and exhibits ancient paintings and artworks so enlighten people about the lifestyle of people of that era.

Stockport Museum

A tremendous makeover was done on this museum in 2010. The purpose was to make this place and preserved valuables, more attractive for young people.

1. Stockport Air Raid Shelters

There were great preparations done to combat air raids and attacks. Underneath this place, the red sandstone was burrowed. It comes with around a mile of tunnels built underground.

Stockport Air Raid Shelters

This tunnel is big enough to accommodate around 65,00 people. Stockport Council owns these shelters. And people were allowed to visit the biggest tunnel in 1996.

You will find a comfortable living quarter, sickbay, kitchen, and loo. If you want a self-guided tour, then go on any weekday afternoon-except for Monday.

All the above mentioned interesting things to do in Stockport are the real soul and life of this place. So, you must not miss the chance of touring them with your family or friends.