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Stepping Hill Hospital

Stepping Hill Hospital

Stepping Hill Hospital in a hospital in Stockport, Greater Manchester. Stepping Hill Hospital is Stockport NHS Foundation Trust's main hospital, which looks after a population of approximately 350,000 people. The Trust also provides services from the Meadows (continuity/complex health care needs and palliative care), the Devonshire Centre for Neuro-rehabilitation and Swanbourne Gardens specialist unit for children with learning disability (all located in Stockport) and the Corbar Maternity Unit based 18 miles away in Buxton. Urology, maternity, orthopaedic and stroke services at Stepping Hill Hospital are highly rated nationally. The Trust runs one of the largest orthopaedic services in the country and a specialist stroke centre serving the south of Greater Manchester. Overall responsibility for delivering services rests with the Board of Directors who are accountable for operational performance as well as the definition and implementation of strategy and policy.

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