Young Women Caught After Being Found Drunk

A young trainee dental nurse has been caught by the police in a less than 3-month duration. This time she was on ketamine while driving.

Young Women

This young girl consumed this sedative right before she started driving. This is the third time that Emily Roebuck, 22 have been caught.

It was in January when this girl was first time caught by the police in charge of driving when she was drunk. She was on ketamine. The level was 29 times more than the amount that was acceptable for driving drunk.

The levels of ketamine were confirmed after her blood samples were sent to the lab.

Right after that incident took place in January, she was again arrested few weeks and this time where was found slumped in her car. This time she was again caught in Stockport.

When the police were trying to investigate this young girl, she immediately tilled her Peugeot at her car’ back seat.

She said that she was trying to read Google maps to locate her destination.

While the police were after her she started driving her car as fast as she could, but that made her vehicle bumped badly into two other vehicles on the roads.

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