Woman thought she had chest infection – she ended up on a ventilator with Covid and spent five weeks in hospital

A woman who battled Covid on a ventilator and spent five weeks in hospital has raised hundreds of pounds for the ‘amazing’ staff who cared for her.

Sue Stoney was admitted to the intensive care unit at Stepping Hill hospital in Stockport after falling ill last October.

The 56-year-old, who has the lung condition c hronic obstructive pulmonary disease ( COPD ), originally thought she had a chest infection.

But she noticed she wasn’t getting any better and started to lose her sense of taste and smell, so she took a coronavirus test – which came back positive.

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Her condition deteriorated with her oxygen levels dropping to 30 per cent, so she was rushed to hospital by her husband before being taken to ICU.

Sue, from Offerton, spent five weeks there – two of them sedated in a coma on a ventilator.

Sue pictured while she was in intensive care
(Image: Sue Stoney)

She said the staff ‘had so much time for her’, even writing a diary for her while she was sedated.

So exactly a year on from being discharged, Sue wanted to thank the staff who cared for her and took part in a sponsored swim to raise money for them.

Recalling when she first went into hospital in October 2020, Sue told the M.E.N : “I was in A&E overnight then they took me up to ICU.

“I was in there for five days and it wasn’t getting any better but it wasn’t getting any worse neither but I was really struggling.

Sue in hospital after she was woken up
(Image: Sue Stoney)

“So they said they were going to give me a break.

“I just thought they’d put me sleep by sedation, they put me on a ventilator.

“I didn’t really know what was going on before because I was that exhausted, but my family were really scared.”

Sue contracted ventilator-assisted pneumonia and spent two weeks sedated.

She was woken up on November 11, the day her baby grandson was born.

Sue during her sponsored swim
(Image: Sue Stoney)

“The nurses were coming out saying they were so worried about me and they were so glad I was awake”, she said.

“I was just saying ‘aw thanks’ but I’d say that if you made me a brew, it just didn’t feel like it was enough.”

Sue, who still struggles with fatigue, decided she wanted to give back to the staff, so took part in a fundraiser on November 28 this year.

As she enjoys swimming in her free time, she decided to swim 600 lengths – which equates to six miles, in six hours.

She was supported by her family and the staff at the Spindles Health and Leisure Club during the swim and managed to do 664 lengths in total.

Sue giving her donation to staff at Stepping Hill
(Image: Sue Stoney)

She raised £700, which she has taken to the hospital in the hope that staff can buy themselves a treat over Christmas.

“They were so shocked that I was doing so well to get back to swimming and that I was thinking about them all the time”, Sue said.

“They work so hard, especially last year when the pandemic was really bad the fact they had so much time for people.

“I couldn’t eat when I came round, I couldn’t walk, and I had tubes all over the place, and they were always straight over to help you.

“They did a diary while I was in a coma and wrote in it everyday what they’d done for me. It broke my heart when I read it.

“It just showed how much they did do for me.”

Sue added: “It was so nice because all my family have been supporting by donating, it shows it wasn’t just me that was grateful everyone I know was grateful.”

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