Thomas Cook Staff Job Fair Organized At Manchester Airport

Manchester Airport has a jobs fair where there are more than 5,000 jobs. The job fair is organized for all those, who are negatively impacted by the closure of a travel company, Thomas Cook.

Thomas Cook

Trading by Thomas Cook was ceased last month. The company was wailed to secure the deal which could help it survive in the business market.

This cease of the company led to the largest peacetime repatriation of UK in which almost 150,000 tourists were taken back to their homes by Civil Aviation Authority and UK government.

Manchester Airport, Transport for Greater Manchester, train, bus and tram operators, all are putting combined efforts to provide free public transport to anyone who is interested in attending this fair. All the information related to this facility will be provided to the attendees once they are registered.

The Government of UK is ensuring to provide jobs to everyone who lost his/her job. This job is a big event and a huge number of attendees is expected to be seen.

In this job fair, every attendee is going to be offered with one on one advice. Moreover, relevant people are going to be there from whom the job seekers will meet and will seek guidance, advice and related inform to about the expected work and training opportunities. The attendees will also know how to claim their redundancy payments and other benefits. Along with this, they will learn much more for their broad wellbeing funding.

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