Thief Pinned Down A Dad But He Saved A Car Worth £80k

A dad had recently saved a car worth £80k. some burglars entered Ali Gill’s house and they tried to steal his expensive car.

The CCTV recording shows that one of the burglars was standing right in front of the door before he ran down to the hallway, from where he could catch Mr. Gill. Mr. Gill was working in the kitchen at that time.

Mr. Gill said that he knew that he had to stop them from entering the house as his wife and daughter were in the house.

He is 6ft and 3 inches and thought that he could easily grab them but he was in a chokehold by three of them.

The raiders were wearing masks and that man tried to fight them.

Ali Gill who is 40 saw them looking for his sports car’s keys, money and watches all around.
His wife Zoara, 34 was terrified and was watching those men trying to take away their sports car.
Police have finally launched a detailed investigation of this act of burglary.

The car was later found in the evening.

According to Mr. Gill, these men were after his wife’s VW Golf Car. Her car was parked on the drive. But then they discovered his own Audi RS6 which was parked in their garage.

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