The Same Mugger Robbed The Same Woman Twice

A woman, who is 76 years old was terrifically mugged by the same mugger twice a week. According to the police, the attacks of Lee Davenport will not let any woman live alone from now.

The police said that Davenport has snatched the bad of 76-year-old woman while she was walking home from a nearby supermarket.

This incident took place in Stockport on 10th June.

The second robbery with the same woman was done right after 13 days when she was going for a very important medical treatment.

GMP explained that the second attack on the same woman was very severe. Davenport, of Mount Pleasant left that woman with an injured shoulder. The injury was so severe that it lead her in a situation where she could not take care of herself alone.

In the first attempt of robbery, Davenport badly threatened that woman on Bramhall Moor Lane. He had a knife and then snatched her bag in which there was her bank and shopping card.

According to the Police, 300 pounds were stolen from the bag. The same woman was robbed again on 23rd June near Dragon pub when she just came out after buying a bread loaf.

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