Tameside Magistrates Court Seeing Oldham People for Hearing

Tameside Magistrates Court made an order on June 18 but Chloe Fleming who is 19 and comes from Ripponden Road, Oldham was simply failed. She couldn’t comply with the order of this community court. He was failed to attend both the office appointments which were scheduled for 6th and 20th August.

Tameside Magistrates Court

The court ordered her to undertake the activity of rehabilitation that was for 15 days.

Anthony Maughan, 41 who lives in Potter House, Eldon Street, Oldham also got failed to make compliance with the court. The court ordered the supervision requirements which were given in response to his release from the prison. He failed to attend the planned office appointments at Pldham Probation Service. These two appointments were scheduled for 29th July and 5th August.

His Arrest warrants were issued by the court.

Amir Hussain, who is 27 and lives in Edward Street, Oldham, also got failed to make compliance with suspended sentence order. This order was given by the Stockport Magistrates’ Court on 3rd September. He failed to see and meet the manager who is looking forward to his case at Oldham Community Rehabilitation Company on 6th and 20th August. His arrest warrants were also issued by the court.

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