Sports Award at Stockport

Honoring your hero’s from every field of life is something which makes your community strong and confident.

The same thing done by Stockport for their sports hero’s they organized a sports award show in the honor of their sports heroes.

Sports Award at Stockport

The annual Stockport sports awards are organized to recognize the commitment, hard work, and dedication of these athletes toward their sports.

Dinner is organized for athletes, their families, supporters and the member of Stockport Council.

Where the eight awards were announced at Houldsworth Golf Club by host Chelsea Norris from BBC Radio Manchester and presented by special guests to these athletes.

Rachel Smith gave a presentation to a guest she hit the news headlines when she set a new Guinness world record by rowed across the Atlantic Ocean.

The main spotlight of the event was on the presentation of lacrosse star William Shirt who was announced as Fred Perry Sports Personality of the year.

Different types of sports teams were present over there who will represent their team country and county in this event.

This event was organized by Life Leisure and the assistant head of operations of Life Leisure said. It is important that local athletes were recognized for their efforts and annual sports dinner is the best time to do so.

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