Special Bags Of Sweets Left Around Stockport For Strangers

There is a special reason why the same special bags of sweets have been seen in and around Stockport this whole week.

Special Bags Of Sweets

There were numerous bags of sweets dropped in parks, salons, and shopping malls. The reason was to spread joy among people who could find them.

But, with sweets and chocolates, there were special cards as well. Those cards had nice and sweets message in the memory of babies who died before or right after they were born.

Those who find these bags are asked through those cards to read the names of departed souls aloud. The purpose is to keep the names of those little souls alive. This will help in tackling the silence that usually surrounds the baby’s deaths.

These bags are left by those parents who are a part of Sands-the charity that supports people who are affected by the loss of their babies.

This group is being run by trained ad dedicated volunteers. All of them have one thing in common-they all lost their babies.

Suzann Harrison, 30, the group secretary lost her second son in 2013.

She said that when she lost her baby, people had no idea what to say to her. now she wants to break this taboo. She believes that this will help in breaking the silence around infant death.

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