Querk by left handed women over sense of smell

A woman has shown querk over a smell and it has been proved by medical scientists that people sometimes face problems with smelling.

There is a problem called biological anomaly due to which the patient cannot sense smells.

There was a study published in a journal called Neuron which says that some people can smell normally even their brain does not have a part that is crucial for smelling. That part is called the olfactory bulbs.

If someone does not have these bulbs inside the brain then he or she suffers from anosmia.

It is very curious thing that this disorder is usually developer in left handed women and men are not at risk of developing this problem. According to scientists if any child born without these bulbs then there is another part of the brain which takes the responsibility of sending smells.

In result, they argued that these bulbs might not have role of identifying the smell and might be just useful for locating a smell.

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