People in Greater Manchester are trying to flog their used queuing wristbands to see the Queen lying in state

People are selling wristbands from the queue to see the Queen lying in state. Several listings have popped up on Facebook and eBay with sellers from Salford, Bury, Stockport, Wigan and Hyde offering the wristbands for sale as memorabilia.

The tickets can be found under the search ‘Queen wristband’ with prices starting from £100 and rising to a whopping £5k. The £5k wristband has been put up for sale by an eBay user from Manchester boglinbells who is selling a green new and unused wristband on the site.

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The cheapest wristband could be the unworn golden band being sold by a Facebook user from Stockport who says they are open for offers while others on the site are being sold for £1,000. Earlier this month there was a crackdown on wristbands sellers on eBay after appeared on the site for passes to see Queen Elizabeth II’s coffin at Westminster Hall in London.

A user from Salford is selling their wristband for £1,000 on Facebook
A user from Salford is selling their wristband for £1,000 on Facebook
(Image: Facebook)

However, now that the period has been finished, users are now allowed to sell the wristbands as memorabilia with prices reaching an eye watering amount. A spokesperson for eBay said: “These wristbands were banned and removed under our ticket policy during the lying in state period. Now the lying in state period has finished, these items are permitted for sale on eBay as memorabilia.”

The bands were handed out by the Department for Digital, Culture, Media, and Sport (DCMS) to help manage the queues. The bands were made different colours for the days people queued.


Manchester Evening News – Stockport