More Than 1000 Schools Left Uninspected For A Decade Now

Right now, there are almost 1,010 “excellent” schools in England that have not been inspected by Ofsted since 2009.

According to the National Association of Head Teachers(NAHT), each and every school must be inspected on a regular basis so that there is no failing of schools in terms of giving the best of education.

Schools Left Uninspected For A Decade Now

Right now, the Department for Education is planning to change this policy and may lift up the exemption of inspections of all those marked “extraordinary” schools. This decision will be taken to ensure the best performance of each and every school.

According to NAHT, parents have deep concerns over this decision of exempting some of the schools from any kind of exemption, as they cannot compare schools without having any fresh and latest performance reports.

According to the Labor Party, the Ofsted will be scrapped and banned if it could win the coming elections.

According to a report issued by BBC, the longest any school remained uninspected was now more than 13 years.

According to Rebecca Bailey from Jarrow, every school has to be inspected on a regular basis, to make sure the schools are maintaining their standards.

The deputy general secretary of school leaders’ union NAHT, Nick Brook said that there can be a stagnancy seen in the improvement of schools and this is all just because of the act of exemption of schools from regular inspections.

One of the spokeswomen for Ofsted has said that there are some schools which are exempted just from regular inspections but not from regular accountability.

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