Months After Their Wedding, His Love was Buried In Wedding Gown

Michael said that it was the wish of his wife to wear her wedding gown once again in her life but her wish couldn’t be fulfilled in her life. She died a few months after they got married.

wedding gown

Saima who was 27 when she met Michael, who was 25 at that time, was buried in her wedding gown. When she met him first, she was hesitating in going any further in this relationship as Michael as younger than her. She wanted to be in a relationship with a man who was settled and mature. 

When they got married, Michael Herz was truly captivated by her glorious beauty. She looked stunning in that white wedding gown. According to him, Saima looked out of this world when her lips uttered the words, ‘I do’.

They got married on August 2018 and after four months in December 2018, he was saying final goodbyes to her at her funeral.

Michael was still enjoying his newly married life with his love of life when in early December, Saima came from her work with a cold. She just went and saw her GP, who asked her to take paracetamol and some rest. He assumed she was suffering through winter bugs.

She was actually suffering through encephalitis. And this took her life a few days later in hospital.

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