Manchester has a low vaccination rate – but its young population may explain why

Manchester currently has the 9th highest coronavirus infection rate in the country as well as one of the lowest vaccination rates, the latest data shows.

According to NHS figures, just 35.3 pc of adults in the city have received both doses of the Covid vaccine.

That’s the lowest rate outside of London and well below the national average of 54 pc.

But Manchester City Council says this is down to a far younger population in the city compared with other boroughs.

Out of the 429,994 adult population, 152,102 people (35%) are aged 18-29 they say.

Under current vaccination progress, virtually none of that cohort were eligible for a vaccine up until this week, when bookings were made available for 25-29 year olds, the council says.

The number of new cases in the Manchester is continuing to rise, with the latest infection rate now standing at 241.3 per 100,000 people.

A total of 1334 people tested positive for the virus in the city over the seven days up to June 6, which is 571 more than the week before – an increase of 75pc.

Manchester also has the lowest proportion of adults who have received their first jab in the region – at just 61pc.

In comparison, 79.2pc of all adults in Bolton have received their first dose of the vaccine.

It comes following a huge push to get people vaccinated after cases of Covid-19 soared in Bolton recently.

It appears to have worked as it is now the only borough in Greater Manchester where the number of cases is falling.

A total of 52.7 pc of the town’s over 16s have now had both jabs, an increase on last month but still below the national average.

However, Bolton now has the 6th highest vaccination rate among under 30s at 43.7 per cent.

Elsewhere, Stockport has the region’s highest rate of adults who have been vaccinated twice at 56.8pc, while 79.2pc of adults have received their first jab.

In Bury, 76.2 pc of over 16s have had one jab while 54.4 pc have had both.

A total of 77.7 pc of adults in Trafford have been vaccinated once. 53.7 pc have had two jabs.

Wigan has 75.9 pc of adults who have had one jab while 53.5 pc have received both.

In Tameside, 75.4 pc of adults have had their first jab, and 52.1 pc have had both.

Meanwhile, a total of 70.6 pc of Oldham’s over 16s have been vaccinated once and 48.5 pc twice.

In Rochdale, 74.3 pc of adults have been vaccinated once but just 48.5 pc have had both doses.

After Manchester, Salford has the lowest vaccination rates with just 66.1 pc of over 16s having been vaccinated once and 45pc twice.

The latest data comes amid calls from local leaders for more vaccines to be supplied to hotspots in Greater Manchester.

Mayor Andy Burnham has called for extra vaccine supplies for the whole region to allow a ‘surge vaccination’ programme similar to the one in Bolton.

The government has so far refused to commit to this.

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