Man Charged Over Salford Remembrance Disruption

There was a huge explosion of fireworks at the cenotaph in Eccles. There were hundreds of people GMT. This Last Post Remembrance was observed on Sunday.

Some of the people were set off directly from one of the window ledges right next to disused pub. Those people were showing anger towards the people giving tribute to departed souls.

Stuart Potts, who is 38 years old has to go to meet Salford Magistrates Court in Manchester against the accusation charged on him for disrupting people publicly.

He has also been charged with severe and illegal offence publicly.

According to the Greater Manchester Police, many people were calling for help and the police reached when the fireworks let off.

Thankfully there were no injuries reported because of this chaotic incident.

Later many other calls were received. There were more than 20 incidents on one single day reported.

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