Lads ‘kidnap’ dad who bailed on drinking session by storming house and carrying him into minivan like the A-Team

These mates refused to take no for an answer when a dad cancelled on a lads’ drinking session – they stormed his house and ‘kidnapped’ him, chucked a pillowcase over his head and bundled him into a minibus.

Ian McLeod felt he was ‘too old’ to join his son Liam’s boozy day out so told him he wouldn’t be coming just hours before the 15-strong group headed to Stockport, Greater Manchester, last month.

However the lads ‘wouldn’t take no for an answer’ and quickly hatched a plan to ‘kidnap’ the 56-year-old from his Southport, Merseyside, home in an ‘A-Team’ stunt and take him with them anyway.

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Hilarious footage shot from inside the van shows pal Steve Adcock demand ‘we’ve got to just go for it’ before barking orders at the giggling group as The A-Team theme tune plays in the background.

When they arrive they jump from the vehicle, barge into the house, sling a pillowcase over Ian’s head and hoist him by his arms and legs from the living room and out of the front door.

Shoeless Ian shouts for help and grabs onto the minibus’ roof as they hoist him over the back seats before his son Liam chucks a pair of trainers in over his head and they slam the door shut.

The smug group can be seen filing into the van before driving off – completing their madcap ‘mission’ in under a minute.

These mates refused to take no for an answer when a dad cancelled on a lads’ drinking session
(Image: Kennedy News and Media)

The video has racked up more than 900,000 views since son Liam McLeod shared it on TikTok earlier this month (November 11) and users have hailed the prank ‘hilarious’ and the group ‘brilliant mates’.

Liam, 36, who grabbed one of his pillowcases on the minibus drive to his dad’s house, says some of the group were nervous the mechanic would fight back but were excited to pull off the stunt.

Ian has since revealed he’s glad the lads kidnapped him because he enjoyed the trip out, and said he was relieved wife Yvonne McLeod, 56, who helped mastermind the kidnapping, made sure he wasn’t in his underwear.

They stormed his house and chucked a pillowcase over his head and bundled him into a minibus
(Image: Kennedy News and Media)

Ian, from Southport, Merseyside, said: “I wasn’t really feeling up to it, I’m a lot older than most of them really so I thought I’d sit this one out.

“I was about to take the dogs out when they came through the door. I knew pretty quickly they were coming to get me.

“Some of them were a bit apprehensive because I’m a bit strong. They didn’t fancy getting on the wrong side of me. It’s a good job it wasn’t serious.

“I didn’t resist that much. I know the characters and they’re good lads so I was happy to go in the end. I’m just glad they remembered my shoes.

“I’m glad Yvonne was in on it or I could have been in my boxers, that wouldn’t have been good. Maybe that would have had more views though.

“Once they gave me a beer, I settled down. It was a good day out and I’m glad they kidnapped me in the end because I enjoyed it.

“I don’t mind them having a laugh at my expense. I’ll make sure I go next time.”

Ian McLeod, 56, was ‘kidnapped’ by his sons and pals
(Image: Kennedy News and Media)

The day out on October 9 was organised to lift Ian’s other son Josh McLeod’s spirits after a tough few months, and it included watching Stockport County FC and visiting The Arcade Club in Bury, Greater Manchester.

The motley crew included some of 28-year-old Josh’s friends from Stockport where he lives, along with family friends and Liam and Josh’s childhood pals.

Water sales worker Liam says he knew his dad wouldn’t be able to say no if he was bundled into the van, and was convinced he’d enjoy the day if he was forced to attend.

Liam McLeod, left, with brother Josh McLeod
(Image: Kennedy News and Media)

Liam, from Southport, Merseyside, said: “He was like a rabbit in the headlights when we walked in. We were like the northern A-Team.

“When we picked him up we forgot his shoes, so I’m glad I threw them in at the last minute because there was no going back for them once he was in the van.

“He’s a man of few words, but he was pretty shocked and asked ‘what’s all this?’.

“Then we put a bottle in his hand and gave him his shoes, then he was up for it. He just needed that push.

“We were looking forward to the day. We’d had it planned for two or three months, so it was a shame when my dad told me he wasn’t coming.

“I spoke to him on the phone and I pushed him to come but he wasn’t having any of it. One of the lads said ‘let’s just go and kidnap him’ and it was kind of a running joke.

“When we got in the van we decided we were going to actually do it. We’d had a pint in Wetherspoons with breakfast but it wasn’t like we were half-cut.

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“You wouldn’t mess with my dad, so it was a bit nervy because if he really didn’t want to go he could have fought us off.

“I was excited though because I think we knew that once he saw us coming to get him he’d realise, ‘it looks like I’m going’. I texted mum to make sure he was dressed.

“The minibus driver is a mate of ours as well, and it’s a good job because I don’t think we could just tell any driver to pull up here because we’re going to kidnap someone.

“He started playing the A-Team theme music and that wasn’t planned and was totally unexpected, but completely added to the moment.

“The day ended up with him falling asleep in bed drunk, so he definitely enjoyed the day out.”

Liam says the group could repeat the stunt in future to make sure pals thinking of backing out last-minute attend ‘Lads’ Day’.

Liam forgot to post the videos at the time, but when he rediscovered them earlier this month he shared them online where they’ve gained more than 75,000 likes and almost 1,000 comments.

User @exploringwarrior8 commented: “That’s what you call brilliant mates. Stick by each other and have a laugh. At least you got his shoes.”

Ian McLeod felt he was ‘too old’ to join his son Liam’s boozy day out
(Image: Kennedy News and Media)

Gemma Stafford joked: “The man with the tash looks like a professional at this.”

Joe Eastwood said: “In and out in less than a minute. SAS style.”

Jemma Albon said: “I wish my partner’s mates would do this. It’d give me some peace.”

Neil Smith added: “This is what proper mates do, Not leave one behind.”

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