Here Is The Reason Of Long Queues on The M60 this morning In Stockport

This is the only reason due to which long queues were seen on M60 early in the morning.
It is because of the pothole due to which the officials have closed one lane which is near to the junction 1 for Stockport Pyramid. Meanwhile the crews kept working to fill that hole.

It has led to very long queues back to the junction number 24, which caused 35-minute traffic delays.
According to a tweet by Highways England, it was cleared and explained that the closure of lane 1 was due to the defect on the road which is now being repaired.

The traffic officers on present on the scene and all the maintenance crews are on the way to fix that hole on the road surface.

All this has resulted in traffic delays as the queues are six miles long. People faced a lot of problem due to this closure.

According to the reports given by the officials, it is expected that this hole will be filled and road surface will be repair as quick as possible.

Meanwhile the traffic department is trying to cope up with long queues and traffic delays.

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