Ban On Drunk Deputy Headmistress From Driving on The Roads

Ann Thornton retired and drunk deputy headmistress has been caught by the police when she was driving too slow along the motorway.

The police have banned her from driving on the roads.

drunk deputy headmistress

Ann Thornton, who is a grandmother and 73 was found drunk twice the limit set for alcohol consumption. She was seen driving her vehicle at the speed of 40mph. she was caught near the Manchester Airport along M56.

The police stopped her by driving their car in front of her white Volkswagen Polo. The police car had a ‘follow me’ sign powered on and her car was subsequently taken onto the slip road.

When the traffic officer left the carriageway, the deputy headmistress kept driving and brought down the speed to 20mph. Later she was stopped and caught by a patrolman.

He tests were taken which reported 71 micro-grams of alcohol in just 100 ml of breath. This is surely a big number. The legal limit is just 35 milligrams.

It was discovered that she drank too much white wine during her shopping trip at the Cheshire Oaks complex. She just instead that her condition was fine enough to drive normally.

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