Drivers slam M60 slip road dubbed the ‘most dangerous in UK’

The M60 has come under fire from Stockport motorists again — with drivers saying the Bredbury junction and a section near the town centre do not feel safe.

Last year, the Manchester Evening News visited the controversial Bredbury interchange , with traffic joining the M60 anti-clockwise slipped into the outside lane.

It is one of a handful of slip roads to put joining traffic into the lane where drivers overtake in the UK.

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The slip road has earned infamy on TikTok after a video of the junction went viral.

When asked what they thought the most dangerous stretches of road were in Stockport, multiple readers named junction 25 as their least favourite.

“Bredbury junction onto M60… someone was doing heavy drugs when they designed that one!”, Alison Burrows joked.

Paul Glover added: “Bredbury junction going onto the M60 towards Denton.

“Getting stuck behind someone doing 50mph going onto the fast lane is no fun.”

The M60 junction has been widely criticised
(Image: Stockport Express)

Mark Carrick also said: “M60 slip road Bredbury.

“Enter on to the fast lane.”

That junction was not the only section of the M60 to come under fire.

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The main drag of the motorway into the town centre has also been criticised for its speed limit — with one M.E.N. reader saying a 50mph restriction should be in place.

Gordon Lewis commented: “Always said that the M60 through Stockport town centre needs the speed [limit] lowering to 50mph as far too many junctions all close together — and far too many vehicles speeding.

However, non-motorway roads also faced some criticism — with the same arterial route mentioned.

Sonia Fletcher said: “A6 Hazel Grove. Not enough space for four lanes.

The A6 in Hazel Grove received criticism from readers

“People weaving from lane to lane thinking they can get further ahead. Slamming on breaks when cars need to turn off.

“Absolutely terrifying to drive and walk in this section.”

Carmel Perry added: “A6 going through Stockport.”

Do you have a road that you try to avoid because you don’t think it’s safe? Tell us in the comments

National Highways have been approached for comment.

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