Compensation Required By Politicians For Pacer Trains of Northern Rail

Pacer trains are still being used by a huge number of politicians. This is why the politicians are demanding the authorized departments to reduce the fares of these trains so that the common man can feel relaxed.

Pac;er Trains

Mayor Andy Burnham, mayor Dan Jarvis and leader Judith Blake from Manchester, Sheffield, and Leeds City Council respectively have talked to the train operator that the use of an aged and outdated vehicle is not acceptable.

Pacers were used in the 1980’s. These railbuses were used back then as an alternative to conventional trains. But this was of course for short term purpose. The use of these units in this modern age is unacceptable.

According to the Northern, all these units will be withdrawn by the end of 2019.

These Pacers were basically built by using bus frames and their expected life was just 29 years.

A meeting was called upon by Mr. Jarvis, Mr. Burnham, and Mr. Blake and it was made clear that the use of Pacers by Northern this year and onwards is absolutely unacceptable.

And if Northern will be withdrawing these units without having any alternative in place then that is going to be an even worse scenario.

Unless or until Pacers are not replaced, the passengers must be compensated with reduced fares.

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