Checking Paperwork For European Travel Becomes Necessary

The decision that said every one to check paperwork before traveling to Europe. This decision has been taken as the date of Brexit is approaching. All the Stockport base brokers want travelers to have adequate paperwork to avoid any inconvenience.

Checking Paperwork

If the implications of Brexit are discussed, then you come to know that all the UK drivers will not be allowed to drive in countries that are a part of the European Economic Area. On showing sufficient insurance, they may get permission to do so.

This can be assured by showing them your Green Card. Therefore, you must keep it worth you every time you drive in the EEA.

Specifically, Green Card will be needed for the trailers. According to recent research done by the Association of British Insurers and the British Insurance Brokers’ Association, the majority of the people, who were interviewed were not aware of the need of keeping Green Card all the time if you will leave the EU without any deal.

Anyone traveling to EEA after 31st October, without having a Green Card, will be violating the laws and might be arrested or his/her vehicle will be seized.

Drivers are advised to contact their insurance brokers before they face any problem. In this way, they will know that carrying the Green Card is essential if traveling to EEA.

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