Car Crash Took A Life: Police Pursuit was carried out by Burnage Police

In a recent police pursuit, a car crash took place which took away a teenage life.
The teenager was driving a Ford Fusion on Burnage Lane in Burnage. This incident took place at approx. 21:25 GMT on Sunday.

The accident injured two people. both of them were taken to the hospitals with really serious injuries. The injuries were considered life-threatening. Ultimately, one boy couldn’t win a fight against the injuries and lost his life. he was in his late teens.

According to the police, the other inured person is still in hospital and is being given treatment.
This case is now being handled by an independent police officer.

Det CH Supt Jon Chadwick has said that he had sent his sincere and deep condolences to the departed soul’s family.

The responses from the police department are still under process. Most of the linked roads are still closed as the police want to keep that place in their control.

The reports have not disclosed anything else regarding the case. By the time police will complete their investigation, the clear reasons behind this pursuit and accident will be shared.

The family of that dead teenager is deeply saddened with this loss and they want the police to complete all the legalities as quick as possible.

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