Burger Restaurant-BROTHERS Nominated For British Takeaway Award

A burger restaurantBrothers is in the running of winning an award for the best restaurant in the region.

This restaurant was opened in 2018. It is located on Thatto Heath Road. the two brothers- Darren and Steven High came up with this idea after they visited Cyprus with their families. There they saw a restaurant with this name.

Burger Restaurant-BROTHERS

They planned to open a venue where people can come and enjoy high-quality burgers.

Both the brothers will be attending a star-studded awards night which is going to be held at the Savoy in London. The event will take place in the New Year.

Steven, 37 said that the news of being nominated was no less than a shock. He further added that they both have had worked very hard. The feedback they keep getting from the customers and the reviews their restaurant has had, always assured them of getting success and fame of this level.

He further said they are all set to attend the event at the Savoy. They are excited to take the award with them back home.

According to him, their restaurant is a place of its kind. People can visit this place, place their desired orders, receive their meals and just leave away.

The food prepared in this restaurant is absolutely fresh.

This is going to be the fifth year of British Takeaway Awards.  There are five finalists contending for the best takeaway award.

The finalists for the best takeaway awards in North West include Brothers Burgers, Café at The End of The Universe, LAPD Food, Old Mother Hubbards, and Shakes and Bites. All these five restaurants have received maximum public votes and resultantly they made their way to the finals of the national awards ceremony. This event is going to be held on 27th January at the Savoy.

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