Breathing in Mold Caused Rare Fungal Infection And Took away Teen, 14 Life

Jane Owens, a teenage girl, who was just 14 years old, lost her life. Initially, her disease was considered to be a usual chest infection. Later it was diagnosed that she was infected by a rare fungal infection that happened to attack her in the result of getting in contact with mould spores.

Breathing in Mold

She was a girl, full of life. She was attacked by a one-in-a-million infection.

Apparently and initially it was thought to be a regular chest infection but detailed tests shown that she was suffering through type1 diabetes. Later, the doctors put her in an induced coma in order to save her life.

Jane was believed to be coming out of her illness, but right at the point when it was thought that she was recovering, she died right 15 minutes later.

Doctors found that she had mucormycosis. This is a fungal infection that is developed by breathing in a bacteria called mold spores. It kills the blood vessels and tissues in the throat and also damages passageways to the lungs.

People who have a weak immune system or have Type1 Diabetes are at greater risk of catching this infection.

According to the doctors, the source from where Jane happened to caught this infection was unknown but according to her mother, her love for outdoor activities could be the reason for this infection.

The mother of two kids, from Greater Manchester, Stockport is heartbroken. She said that they have never thought of going through a situation like this. And she hopes that no one else ever goes through this.

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