Boyfriend Planted a Tracker On His Ex’s Car

An obsessed boyfriend planted a tracker on her ex’s car and this has made that girl so scared that she cannot even leave her home confidently. This former cop has started this strange and creepy campaign to stalk his ex.


Basil Thomas, an ex-cop is now running his private investigation firm. He has been sent to jail in response to his creepy behavior towards his girlfriend. He actually made her life miserable.

The court has recently banned this 50-year-old man from contacting his ex-girlfriend. He has been bombarding her with gifts, cards, and messages. He wanted her to revive their 6-year relationship of love and romance.

He kept on monitoring and following her each and every movement. For this, he used his detector which he got for his investigation company. He followed her everywhere she went-from supermarkets to a memorial park.

He hid that detective device her the boot of that woman’s one of many cars. The woman reported the police and told that she is has been monitored.

Thomas was also seen prowling around her backyard with a mask on his face.
The woman also installed CCTV cameras outside her house and that man was even found tampering that camera.

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