Bolton Wanderers’ First Well Deserved Victory of This Season

In the Bolton Wanderers’ victory this year in the League One match, it was Luke Murphy who did a goal and the match was rounded off. His one goal took the visitor’s team ahead.

Bolton Wanderers’

Daryl Murphy, the Veteran striker later tried to double the lead. He had the ball and he ran onto a through ball. He was successful in doubling the lead right after 68 minutes.

This became the first victory of Trotters ever since their 2-1 victory at QPR earlier on 30 March.

In an interview, the manager Keith Hill said that it was a well-deserved team not just because the team played well in this match but because of the finest performance and efforts every player has put in since they all are gathered on this platform.

The players have never complained about anything that comes their way. For them, their game and club matters the most. They can work hard to bring in maximum victories to the club.

Previously, the club has picked 4 points and all in 11 games. There have been just 3 senior outfield players with the club since the start of the season. Still, they could manage to show great performance.

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