Auction of giants frogs at Stockport

The giant frogs which are placed at Stockport as a piece of attraction are now going to auction.  The money which is collected from their auction was spending on the development of Stepping Hill Hospital’s Tree House children’s ward. This is a great initiative from the management of Stockport.

These giant frogs are a point of attraction for families and tourists for several months. But now management is decided to auction them because they have some other plans for future activities.

Auction of giants frogs at Stockport

The addition of these giant frogs increases the footfall in Stockport premises.

The auction of these beautiful frogs is taking place on Thursday, October 17 and you can also register yourself in the auction through online portal as well.

The venue of the auction will be LSH Auto’s new Mercedes-Benz showroom in Stockport and you can get your ticket online as well which cost £5 each.

This whole idea of giant frogs was sponsored by local businesses and it is the brainchild of Totally Stockport, the team from Stockport’s Business Improvement District.

All designs of these frogs were great but it seems that the Strawberry Fields frog is more popular among people than other designs.

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