Aqua Design Group Unlocking International Trading

Aqua Design Group is a specialist in working with locally running businesses. The company has experience collaborating with emerging businesses too.

Aqua Design Group

Key Cargo International –a Manchester-based company has contacted Aqua Design. The company wants to have assistance in different communication and marketing materials.

Key Cargo International has come up with an interesting new brochure which they are using to promote and see their complete range of services. This time, the company is targeting its potential clients.

This move will also target the company’s present clientele. This AEO accredited forwarder company deals in the ocean, airfreight and road freight services.

The company is also working to spread more awareness among its clientele about the new happenings and developments.

Aqua Design Group has designed this new brochure. This brochure is tied with the latest and fresh branding of the company. The branding is uniform across the company’s Business Card and website.

This brochure is going to be very effective for successful marketing moves by Key Cargo International.

The director of Key Cargo International, Clon Jeffries said that this process is going to be very easy and will have barrier-free communication. The result of this new campaign will be fabulous.

He further added that this new marketing campaign is definitely going to nail it to the victory stand.

The fine working of Aqua Design Group for the Key Cargo International will help in expanding the company’s international trading.

Effective marketing strategies are impactful for the company’s growth. The new marketing strategies are just a continuity of the company’s previous marketing messages.

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