An Irresponsible Tweet On Milkshake, Raped Burger King

The admonishment of the burger giant, Burger King came into being after this company started off with the promotion of shakes. It all came into being when Tommy Robinson was just soaked by a shake from McDonald’s.

Tweet On Milkshake

There have been a lot of criticisms coming in way to the irresponsible advertising by Burger King after Tommy Robinson was drenched in milkshake, poured on him when he was out for hi campaign for the upcoming general elections.

This fast-food chain had been found breaking the advertising rules. A tweet was sent right after Robinson and many others had drinks and other foodstuffs spilled and thrown over all of them while they were out for campaigning for general elections earlier the current year.

In response to it, McDonald’s just stopped selling all types of drinks and shakes all over Edinburgh as Nigel Farage, the leader of Brexit Party was supposed to deliver a speech in that city.

The tweet from Burger King received numerous complaints. In response to the criticism, this brand retweeted and explained that the company had never supported or endorsed any kind of violence.

According to the Advertising Standards Authority, that tweet was harsh and offensive because it gave support to anti-social behavior.

According to a spokesperson of ASA, Burger King’s tweet came out at the wrong time and it happened to be a reaction that came right after drinks and shakes were being thrown on political figures.

BK again tweeted saying that it was already cleared in a follow-up tweet that the company did not have any intention of spreading more violence and harm or offence.

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