A Terrible Road Accident Took A Man’s Life

Black Zenos E1 and a grey Volkswagen were towed away after both the cars met a terrible road accident.

Both the cars bumped into each other and were crashed in a horrific way.

The convertible and grey people carrier bumped into one another and this accident took away a life right at the spot.

The reports of the death of that man have been confirmed.

This accident took place at 09:30 am on Thursday. Bramhall Lane South in Bramhall is the place where this saddening event took place.

According to the police, the actual reason behind this incident has not been known yet.
The fireman from a nearby Fire station rescued a man from a vehicle.

The ambulance service has made confirmation that they were contacted and called for the sake of providing assistance in the wake of male casualty.

After that, the police gave confirmation that the injured man died later.

The police have also told that the family of that dead man has been informed about this casualty and is now being helped and supported accordingly.

Some trained and experienced officers were sent to help the family members.

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