A Machete-Wielding Robber Tackled By An Actor

According to an actor, Jake Parr, a machete-wielding robber was tackled and caught by him. He said that he rugby-tackled that robber to the floor outside a small gift shop.

The incident took place in Little Underbank.

Jake was in action right after he saw that man holding a knife.

Jake told that when he saw a shopkeeper trying to struggle with the armed assailant, he immediately just sprang into action.

The incident took place on Monday. The sight of the struggle between the shopkeeper in the attacker was quite dangerous, but Jake was brave enough to jump into that matter.

Kitraco is the name of that gift shop where this incident took place.

According to Jake, 31 the shopkeeper’s thumb was brutally cut and the blood was constantly running down his thumb.

Jake clearly herd the shopkeeper crying, shouting and pleading for help. the shopkeeper was requesting someone to call the police.

Later Jake saw that guy with the knife coming out of that gift shop and straight went into the street.

He further added that right after he saw a knife in his hands, he ran after him, caught him and pulled him down onto the floor. He did not even think about the consequences of doing this. The knife was 30cm long and that definitely is a big one.

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